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We dream of a future in which every day, African news went viral. Imagine that every African country were aware of each other and supported their neighbours, both in times of need and in times of success.

Flag Patriot is a digital platform made to instill patriotism amongst citizens all over Africa and to encourage them to give moral support to their continental compatriots through social media.


News Aggregation

Imagine that news articles from reliable sources from every African country were aggregated and centralised in one place. Even further, those articles could be filtered by country, region (eg SADC) or category (financial, social, natural disaster, etc.). The Flag Patriot feed could be accessed via the web or via mobile.

Social Media Integration

Every news article can be shared/“supported” by a user, which triggers a series of events:

  • The article is shared to all of their linked social media profiles
  • Their profile picture(s) is/are updated to include the flag of the country for that article
  • Both the post and the profile picture description would have something to the effect of, “I want to support [country name] in their time of need. Do the same and support them by clicking this link [special link].”

Subscription to News Feeds

Users can receive notifications through the official website and mobile application, as well as through Email, Facebook/Messenger, Slack, or any other social media platforms which support direct messaging on an opt-in basis.

Digital Donation or Crowd-funding

When natural disasters occur, and there are verified and trusted relief organisations present in a particular country, users can opt to send money to those organisations in an effort to democratise aid, and prevent misappropriation of funds.

The same payment mechanisms can be used to aid investment in rising startups who have been profiled or interviewed, allowing people to pledge their financial support to concepts which can shape the world.

Sponsored Advertising

Businesses and organisations can pay for a sponsored adverts to be included in the feed or on the sides of the browser window. The adverts would be clearly marked as sponsored and not as news.

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